September 1, 2010

Google Adds Priority Inbox Feature To Gmail

Gmail Priority Inbox

The Gmail email service has been updated with a new feature called Priority Inbox (beta) which will allow users to prioritize the emails received by them everyday.

"As you use Gmail, it will get better at categorizing messages for you," Aberdeen wrote. "You can help it get better by clicking the (plus or minus) buttons at the top of the in-box to correctly mark a conversation as important or not important."

How it works

Gmail's servers look at several types of information to identify the email that's important to you, including who you email and chat with most, how often you email with these people, and which keywords appear frequently in the emails you read.

Train Priority Inbox

If Priority Inbox makes a mistake, you can use the ‘+’, ‘ - ’  buttons to correctly mark a conversation as important or not important, and Priority Inbox will quickly learn what you care about most.

  • Customize Priority Inbox: You can change what type of email you see in each section (like switching the "Important and Unread" section to just "Important"). Just click on the section headers or visit the Priority Inbox tab under Settings to customize.
  • Use filters to guarantee importance: If you want to be absolutely sure that some messages are always marked as important (like email from your boss), you can set up a filter and choose "Always mark it as important."
  • Search by importance: If you want to see all the messages that have been marked as important, both read and unread, do a Gmail search for "is:important."
  • Switching back to your old inbox: If Priority Inbox isn't for you, you can easily switch back to your normal inbox by clicking "Inbox" on the left or hide Priority Inbox altogether from Gmail Settings.

Priority Inbox is scheduled to be rolled out to all Gmail users over the next week or so. Users just have to look for the "New! Priority Inbox" link in the top right corner of their Gmail account.

It’s a good move from Gmail and great news for Gmail users. Is it great for you?

Via Gmail Blog


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