February 4, 2011

Introducing Windows Live Hotmail Aliases

hotmail alias

Microsoft introduced the latest features of “Aliases ” in Windows Live Hotmail making it simpler for the user to maintain multiple email addresses to a single account and at same time securing their online identities.

Average user atleast have more than 3 email address one for personal, another for official,  non essential services… I also own more than 10 email addresses ;). But this new introduced feature come handy-- making it easier for you (me) by hiding or not revealing the primary email address .

“Email aliases let you create completely different email addresses that you can use to receive email into your primary account without anyone knowing what your primary email address is. ” revealed  Dharmesh.

“Starting today, you can add up to five aliases per year to your Hotmail account, up to fifteen aliases in total, all designed to make it a lot easier to organize different types of email and personas in one Hotmail inbox without having to give out your primary email address if you don’t want to.”

aksgeek-hotmail alias

I can say its a nice feature introduced by Windows Live but it is only for incoming mail. If they also provide service for an outgoing mail as in yahoo then its been great for hotmail lovers.

Click here to use Alias Feature


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