April 13, 2011

Microsoft Unveils the preview of Internet Explorer 10 at MIX11

IE10 test preview

Just four weeks after the release of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Corp. unveiled the first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 at MIX11.

Internet Explorer 9 is the only browser with hardware-accelerated HTML5 spanning all graphics, text, audio and video. It was the first browser to introduce innovations, such as hardware acceleration, built on deep HTML5 support, to enable fast and immersive Web experiences. The first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 builds on these innovations and includes support for additional standards, such as CSS3 Gradients on background images and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout.

Developers can download the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview at http://www.IETestDrive.com and provide direct feedback through new code refreshes approximately every 12 weeks.

IE10 test drive

Download IE10 Platform Preview 1 (18.6MB)

IE Test Drive


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