April 23, 2011

Norton Mobile Utilities Beta for Android

Norton Mobile Utilities

Yes! again beta app from Symantec which means Norton Mobile Utilities (Beta) is free to use. Actually, Norton Mobile Utilities is an Android app which allows you to manage apps-means you can stop and uninstall apps. You can also view detailed information of apps, battery, CPU time etc, Track phone, set data usage limits if you have limited plan,  and  much more.

Norton Mobile Utilities-info

Norton Mobile Utilities features:

  • Manages applications, allowing you to stop running apps, uninstall apps and backup your apps to the SD card
  • View detailed information on behavior of individual apps such as battery usage, CPU time, system time, user time, memory usage, and permissions
  • Keeps track of phone, SMS and data usage, and warns you if you go beyond your set limit
  • Provides you with a graphical real-time monitors for battery, CPU, memory, and network status
  • Gives you quick access to system information such as Android version, hardware details, networks, and much more

I really like this app, it has many advance features, easy to use, nice interface—which I can say is a must have for your android device. Do you love it?

Download Norton Mobile Utilities (Requires Android 1.6 or higher)



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