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April 16, 2017

Step by Step Guide to install WordPress on AWS

AWS and WordPress

Over the last few days, I have shared information on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is giving 1-year free cloud hosting, for a trial. In today's post, I'm linking all the resources in one place and providing you with the step-by-step guide for installing WordPress on AWS.

April 15, 2017

Install WordPress on AWS EC2 Instance

WordPress and AWS
After successful completion of first and second step i.e. creating an EC2 instance and connecting to EC2 instance in AWS using PuTTY and Terminal respectively. Further moving ahead, it is time to install Apache, PHP, MySQL to run WordPress on an EC2 instance. If you are not familiar with command line / Linux commands just run these commands in same order.
April 14, 2017

How to Connect to EC2 Instance using PuTTY and Terminal

1_connect to instance In our last post, we learned how to create EC2 instance in AWS. After successfully launching our EC2 Linux instance, today we will connect to our instance so we can install and run WordPress. There are two methods via which we can connect to our Amazon EC2 Linux instance:
April 12, 2017

Getting started with Amazon Web Services (AWS)–Create an EC2 Instance

As you are already aware of Amazon Web Services (AWS) that offer on-demand cloud computing solution with a pay-per-use approach. As Amazon offer 12 months free trial to check out their services, we exactly going to do that and also recommend you sign up for AWS Free tier. If you already did then let’s get started and learn together on how to create an EC2 instance in AWS.
aws

April 23, 2012

Update Google+ via SMS

google plus

Google has rolled out Google+ SMS feature to 43 countries including India, enabled users to receive notifications and reply to them all via SMS.

April 10, 2012

Convert and Save Email into PDF or Word Doc (Gmail)

gmail logo

There are many software available to save your email, messages, page into PDF file but what you do if you're using restrictive account or using shared computer where you can’t install any software? Here is a simple method which lets you save your Gmail messages as PDF file or Word document.

March 9, 2012

Getting Around in Windows 8

Windows 8 Starting guide

Last week Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview but forgot to add some sort of manual to guide people through its new operating system was built with a touch interface in mind. Fortunately, Microsoft recognizes this and has published a guide for all of you. Just hit the source link below to read getting around in Windows 8.

January 29, 2012

Prevent your children from accessing inappropriate Apps in the Android Market

Android market allow content

Unlike iOS, Android platform doesn’t come with parental controls which means unsuitable/inappropriate content will be visible to your children every time they access android market. But you can use first line of defense i.e content filtering for the Android Market apps to prevent kids from seeing and downloading inappropriate apps by choosing one of the filtering option which includes everyone, low, medium and high maturity.

Read more on how do you prevent your children from accessing inappropriate apps in the Android Market? and also on filtering option after the break.

September 23, 2011

Retrieve Private Browsing History in Firefox

Firefox Private Browsing failed

Firefox Private Browsing (ctrl+shift+p) allows you to browse the internet without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited. But if you really think your browsing history is safe in private mode then it’s time to think again. Your private browsing history can be easily retrieved with a free Firefox add-on called PrivateBrowsingHistoryRecovery.

July 13, 2011

How to Remove/Hide ads in Gmail


Have you tried the latest theme from Google, "Preview" and "Preview (Dense)"? If not, then try it, you will love it and if you’re using it and don’t like the ads at the bottom in yellow stripe or you’re don’t want to use new theme but don’t want to see ads in Gmail then here is a 3 simple steps to remove ads in Gmail without using any add-on and user scripts.

April 30, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Favorite Keyboard Tips

WP keyboard

Today, I learned few keyboard tips for WP7 on Windows Phone blog and I really liked it and now, I’m sharing it with you all in a hope, it will be of some use for you guys.

Windows Phone 7 Keyboard Tips

April 24, 2011

Enable Windows 8 Aero Aurora Wallpaper Auto-Colorization


New tweak for Windows 8 Build 7850 which enable Aero Aurora wallpaper auto-colorization. This tweak is discovered by the BetaArchive forum, Jc160 and posted the files needed to enable this tweak and compared the files and showed only one line insertion is enough to enable this tweak.

March 31, 2011

Disable Location Aware Browsing in IE9, Firefox, Chrome and Opera


Currently all the browsers support location aware browsing or geo-location browsing which tells the website where you’re located. This features is useful in most of the cases to provide you the information which is relevant to you. But if you don’t want this or little conscious about your privacy then you can disable this on Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), Firefox 4 or previous version, Chrome and Opera 11.

How to Disable Geo-Location/Location Aware Browsing in

February 26, 2011

How to remove Avast! Gadget permanently in Windows 7?

Do you like new version of avast! (avast antivirus 6.0)? If you ask me, I like it specially autosandbox feature but the only thing I don't like is avast sidebar gadget and most frustrating part is,  if I close/remove from sidebar and even uninstall it--it comes back, every time I reboot my machine.