Monday, 11 July 2011

Clickfree announced C6 EASY Imaging Backup Hard drives

Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging

Clickfree, the inventors of effortless automatic backup, today announced Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging, the first Total Computer Backup product that makes it easy to back up and restore everything on a PC including personal files (photos, videos, music, emails, spreadsheets, illustrations, documents, and 500+ other types), software programs and the Windows operating system.

To perform a full image backup, just plug the Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging drive in to the computer's USB port, and Clickfree's Patented EASY Run will automatically launch and begin backing up everything on the computer. That's as technical as it gets. If a computer crashes due to a software malfunction or virus attack, EASY Fix will restore all the personal files, software applications and the operating system.

Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging can hold the backups for as many computers as needed, and is limited only by the available space on the Clickfree drive. Computers running different Windows operating systems can be backed up to the same Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging drive -- Clickfree supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. All that is required is a free USB port and at least 100MB of free space on the computer(s) being backed up.

Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging is available now from It comes in both portable and desktop sizes. Portable Desktop model of capacity 500GB cost you $140 and $180 for 1TB and Desktop model -1TB for $150 and 2TB for $180.


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