Thursday 16 December 2010

Free Process Lasso Pro v4 License Key For Everyone

Right now you are at the right place because you are getting Process Lasso Pro v4 license key which normally cost $19.95. Now you can get it for Free.

Process Lasso Pro

Process Lasso is a tool which speeds up your computer.


By automatically re-prioritizing running programs.


When a process starts to monopolize the CPU(s), it is temporarily reduced in priority so that it does not bring your system to a stall. We call this feature ProBalance (Process Balance). Process Lasso also offers an assortment of ways to take full control of processes running on your computer. You can choose what priority and what CPUs any process should be given each time it is launched. You can have overly active processes automatically moved to the CPUs of your choice until they calm down. In addition, you can disallow certain programs and log all programs that are run. You can also limit the number of instances a program can have, so that accidental launching of multiple instances is prevented.

Not interested in reading about Process Lasso? Just want  license key?

How To Get Process Lasso Pro v4 For FREE

Process Lasso Pro V4 - Form

1.Visit this page.

2. Fill up the form. Write first name, last name, email id and click on “jetzt absenden!”

Process Lasso Pro V4 -email discharged

3. Check your inbox you’ll receive confirmation mail from “Software-Butler”. Click confirmation link to see your license code i.e.

Process Lasso Pro V4 License Key

Process Lasso Pro v4 License code -"ALPHA4-BETA16-GAMMA2 "

Process Lasso Pro V4 activate

Download Process Lasso v4.0027  32 bit | 64 bit


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