April 16, 2017

Step by Step Guide to install WordPress on AWS

AWS and WordPress

Over the last few days, I have shared information on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is giving 1-year free cloud hosting, for a trial. In today's post, I'm linking all the resources in one place and providing you with the step-by-step guide for installing WordPress on AWS.

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April 15, 2017

Install WordPress on AWS EC2 Instance

WordPress and AWS
After successful completion of first and second step i.e. creating an EC2 instance and connecting to EC2 instance in AWS using PuTTY and Terminal respectively. Further moving ahead, it is time to install Apache, PHP, MySQL to run WordPress on an EC2 instance. If you are not familiar with command line / Linux commands just run these commands in same order.
April 14, 2017

How to Connect to EC2 Instance using PuTTY and Terminal

1_connect to instance In our last post, we learned how to create EC2 instance in AWS. After successfully launching our EC2 Linux instance, today we will connect to our instance so we can install and run WordPress. There are two methods via which we can connect to our Amazon EC2 Linux instance: