Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Aksgeek.com now LIVE

   Hello guys as I promised you, to take my site aksgeek.wordpress.com to the next level and here it is, the next level..

Aksgeek.com LIVE

  AKS-Feel The Change! now have a top-level domain. :) but that doesn’t mean I’m going to left my aksgeek.wordpress.com . NO, I’m not importing any contents of my earlier blog. So it remains there and remain active.

  Now, the question arises...HOW? AM I going to post same articles on both sites as i did before (may-june 09). The answer is "NO". This time around I’m keeping the contents of both blog different.

  aksgeek.wordpress.com from now on contains the information about the software and promotions, tutorials, tips and tricks etc and aksgeek.com
contain articles/information about latest news, gadget, mobiles, themes etc. what say? Isn’t it great? From now on you get more information but I need a support from you guys. Help me out in making this site better, easy to use, knowledgeable and enjoyable for everyone. Now AGAIN the questions arises ......HOW?

  •    You can share your ideas, thoughts, what’s good here and what’s bad via comments. Your comments are important for me and for our blog. :)
  • If you have any latest news and want to share your article (which is relevant with aksgeek.com and aksgeek.wordpress.com
    and unique) with us . You can send me using contact form.

   I hope you will play your role and I’ll play mine :)

Now Get ready for the Action.

Together we will feel the change.

AKS-Feel The Change!



Officially this is my first post on Aksgeek.com :) (avoid the previous ones :P)

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