Saturday, 21 August 2010

iLunascape Browser for iPad

  Lunascape, the world's only "triple engine browser" recently released a version for the iPad.

iLunascape for iPad

  Lunascape, with its "iLunascape" browser for the iPad, focused specifically on how people use the tablet device. It reconfigured the browser UI, taking into account how people hold and interact with the device. For example, since you often hold it from the bottom, it has moved most actions down to the bottom of the screen. It termed it "In Reach Interface."

Highlights of iLunascape

Fresh Take on the Interface


You might have noticed that the iPad is a little too large and heavy to balance with one hand. However, existing browsers force you to move your hand all over the screen to take advantage of touch capabilities while using their conventional design. With iLunascape’s unique In Reach Interface, you can navigate and control most actions with minimal movement. Browsing is therefore comfortable either resting the iPad on your lap or holding it firmly with both hands. You might even get by just using your thumbs.

Real Tabbed Browsing

  Fundamentally, the iPad is not just a bigger version of the iPhone or a smaller version of a laptop. It needs a serious yet easy-to-use tabbed browser that takes this into account. With iLunascape, you can open multiple tabs simultaneously and switching between them is quick and easy with thumb taps. Tabs stay active in the background saving time to reload. You can run video in one tab while viewing other tabs. And, it includes tab management features such as restoring tabs from the last session and showing search results as a new tab.

Specifically Designed Features

  We believe that functions should be well aligned with the device being used. For example, you may not always have Wi-Fi access at wherever you go with the iPad. So we added a “snap and go” screen capture. You can take a screenshot of a web page with a quick tap to save and read later offline. Just like that, we will keep adding more features that make sense for browsing on the iPad.





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