Monday, 27 September 2010

Intel Updates Mobile Processors and Pricing

intel i5 and i7 image

  Yesterday, Intel has quietly updated its processor pricing list that features new mobile Celeron , i5  and i7 core processors .

Intel added two new mobile Celeron Processor P4600 and P3500 which cost $86 and $80 respectively. The interesting thing to be noted that Celeron P4600, that has the same price as worse performing Celeron P4500. The price of Celeron T3300 processor dropped from $86 to $80.

intel mobile processor cerelon intel mobile processor price list i5 and i7

  Intel also added newly i5-580M and i5-560M which cost $266 and $225 respectively. Intel also listed ultralow power (indicated by ‘UM’)chips i5-560UM (3M L2 cache, two cores, four threads, 32-nanometer), costing $250. These chips typically go in ultrathin laptops and even tablets.

intel processor pricingUM models

  Intel listed the 2.26GHz Core i7-660LM at $347, the 1.46GHz i7-680UM at $317. Intel's high-end series received the 2.8GHz Core i7-640M, priced at $346 .




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