Friday, 10 September 2010

Lenovo Power Hub Features 4 USB ports

Lenovo Power Hub

  Many PC users buy a spare power adapter and a USB hub – separately. Most have a secondary device, like a smart phone, to manage along with their PC. In this hustle-bustle world, you need devices that are portable and easy to use almost anywhere and most important thing Saving money is critical, so combining elements for convenience can’t cost you more.

  So, Lenovo did it for you by combining data synchronization and charging capabilities into one low cost, portable unit. Now you can stay plugged in at home or on the road with the flexible Lenovo Power Hub.

  This device combines a 65W laptop AC power adapter with a 4-port powered USB hub for your peripherals. Three ports offer standard USB data transfer and charging capability, while a fourth dedicated “power” port charges devices, like most mobile phones. Use the flexible Lenovo Power Hub to: -Charge your laptop battery, Access up to four USB peripherals in your workspace, Charge those USB peripherals even when your laptop is away. .

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with 90W and 65W ThinkPad laptops
  • 3 standard USB ports transfer data and charge devices
  • 1 dedicated power port charges devices, including most mobile phones
  • Attaches to laptop via two cables
  • Power cable connects to laptop power port
  • USB cable attaches to any available laptop USB port
  • Backed by Lenovo's 1 year limited warranty with renowned Service and Support available from IBM

The Power Hub is available right now for only $74.99. There is no word whether Lenovo bundle There’s no word on whether or not Lenovo is going to start bundling this with their products.

Now, this is what we call Innovation!

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