Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Free 1 year JumpBox service to enable hosting Wordpress, Joomla, Mediawiki and Drupal via Amazon Web Services

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JumpBox, today announced a promotion that enables any individual to leverage JumpBox’s application packaging technology to host his or her blog, web site or wiki free for one year on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This promotion may be used in conjunction with the AWS Free Usage Tier to combine the reliability of the AWS technology infrastructure platform with best-in-class Open Source server software. The JumpBox technology then provides a streamlined path to running these applications.

Licensing fees for the JumpBox runtime on these four applications are waived when accessed via this promo. The AWS Free Usage Tier is subject to the AWS Free Usage Tier Offer Terms. Use of AWS in excess of free usage amounts will be charged standard AWS rates. The JumpBox technology also enables customers to take advantage of over fifty other similar applications available via the JumpBox library. JumpBox charges a flat monthly fee of $49 or $99 depending on the support needs of the customer.

Amazon AWS

Source: JumpBox


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