Friday, 11 February 2011

Hitachi’s High definition (HD: 720 × 1280) 4.5 for high-brightness LCD modules developed IPS


Hitachi announced high-definition high intensity for smartphones (HD: 720 × 1280) developed IPS for high-definition LCD display. The display, the LCD of high aperture ratio, by employing new technologies to more efficient use of light from the backlight, high definition display, which occurred due to the intensity of the high color reproduction Resolved reduced.

The recent spread of smartphones, with an increase in high-quality content for mobile devices such as high-definition HD video and photo-quality books, we see a growing need in a smartphone, bright clean display high resolution images .

We address this need for Hitachi Displays, HDTV smartphone (HD: 720 × 1280) 4.5 for high-definition LCD module with IPS. This high resolution LCD modules can be identified close to the limit by the human eye (329ppi * 1) while achieving a high aperture ratio and pixel technology was newly developed liquid crystal displays, more efficient use of light backlighting technology, high definition display, preventing the degradation of color reproduction with higher brightness.

In the future, Hitachi Displays is to further expand its lineup of displays for smart phones will continue to develop and sell products that meet the needs of small and medium LCD market.

hitachi highresolution IPS config

The newly developed high brightness, high-definition LCD IPS will be held in Los Angeles, Calif. May 15 through July 20 in the 2011 SID 2011 booth.


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