Friday, 4 February 2011

T-Mobile and Xerox Adopt the Windows Azure Platform


Microsoft  announced that T-Mobile and Xerox Corp. have adopted the Windows Azure platform and are creating new services and gaining greater efficiencies through cloud computing. This announcement comes as Microsoft celebrates the one-year anniversary of Windows Azure Platform availability.

The Windows Azure platform has enabled T-Mobile and Xerox to address customer needs quickly with innovative solutions that are cost-effective and reliable.


Wireless services provider T-Mobile was preparing to create Family Room, a new mobile software application that helps families share photos and coordinate activities, like a family movie night, across multiple devices. Working under a tight deadline, the developers chose Windows Azure and SQL Azure, along with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Windows Phone 7, as the solution to fit their needs.

By using the Windows Azure cloud services and integrated development environment, T-Mobile was able to create and launch Family Room in just six weeks. Using a cloud-based computing environment has also cut down on management duties and freed up T-Mobile’s developers to spend more time creating new features.


As an industry leader in managed print services (MPS), Xerox expanded its MPS capabilities in 2010 by introducing Xerox Mobile Print, a solution that allows its workers to send documents to any printer in the company from a handheld device, such as their smartphone.

Xerox has since expanded on that concept to create Xerox Cloud Print, a cloud-based printing service that allows end users to route a printing job to any available public printer directly from their mobile devices. Now, when employees are traveling on business, they can do things like quickly print a presentation for tomorrow’s client meeting without having to spend countless hours at a local hotel business center. By running Windows Azure and SQL Azure, developers were able to build Xerox Cloud Print in just four months.


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