Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cisco Announces new Linksys E series family Wireless Routers and Switches

Cisco Linksys E series Wireless Routers and switches

Cisco today launches its new Linksys E-Series family - a complete suite of powerful and easy-to-use next-generation wireless-n routers and switches which includes 5 routers and 3 switches. The suggested retail prices for the routers range from $59.99 to $179.99. Prices of the switches range from $29.99 to $74.99.

Cisco Connect Software Enables Easy Setup and Network Management

Each of the Linksys E-series routers include the acclaimed Cisco Connect software that makes it easy for consumers to set up and manage their wireless home network effortlessly. Unlike other wireless products that require 20 to 30 complicated steps to set up a single computer, Cisco Connect takes you through three simple steps from start to finish. The included Cisco Connect software makes it easy to: 1) add additional devices to the network, 2) set parental controls, 3) provide Internet access for guests on a separate guest network and 4) customize personal security settings such as passwords. Advanced users can also configure and manage their routers via the web browser.

The new routers feature the latest version of Cisco Connect, which now includes an Internet Speed Test that can check the bandwidth and speed of a user's Internet connection.

Linksys E Series Wirless N routers specs

New Switches Enable Easy Network Expansion and Power Saving Modes

The three new Linksys switches enable faster and simpler wired connections. New features include plug and play of Ethernet-enabled devices, Quality of Service (QoS) for traffic prioritization, auto-sensing ports, and power saving features.

Linksys E Series Switches specs n price





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