Monday, 2 May 2011

Windows 8 build 7959 x64 Server Enterprise Leaked

Windows 8 build 7959

Yeah! bring it on.. right now I’m screaming like that. Another Windows 8 build leaked but this time it gives some kind of happiness to those who are waiting for x64 (64 bit edition). This is the first 64 bit to be leaked and it has a build number of 6.2.7959.0.

More details on Leaked Windows 8 build 7959:-

Microsoft Windows 8 (”Windows 8” 6.2.7959.0) (Enterprise) (m3)
ISO Size: 2.87GB (3,229,550,592 bytes)
ISO MD5: 99375D7782027CBF2E70F5D0F8648406

This leaked build is currently available on private FTP of BetaArchive. Don’t worry, very soon it will be available on public torrents.



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