Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Windows Phone 'Mango' Beta to be available in next 24 hours? No


Look like Windows Phone 'Mango' is not far away. According to Neowin.net,  Microsoft is set to announce this news within the next 24 hours, with the Mango beta build available for download on June 22nd or 23rd via the App Hub. It is also reported that beta version will be available to anyone with a paid subscription, and can be loaded on any of the production devices.

Here’s the u-turn in above story, Brandon Watson, Director of Windows Phone development clear’s the rumor from neowin by tweeting --"neowin are not correct. Press reviews of consumer features are only thing happening this week." Heart broken!

I’ll be happy, if this rumor from neowin is correct, as I’m eagerly waiting to see Mango in action. What about you? Are you too waiting for Mango to come or happy with Android.



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