Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Facebook Acquire HTML5 app-builder Strobe

facebook acquire strobe

Facebook took its commitment to HTML5 one step further with the acquisition of Strobe, an HTML5 app-delivery network.

"We’re happy to announce that, as of this week, the Strobe team is joining Facebook!," said Charles Jolley, the founder of Strobe and the creator of the SproutCore JavaScript framework .

However, financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Some reports suggested that the Strobe acquisition was a talent hire, as Facebook was mainly interested in the company's founder Charles Jolley.

  Read full post below from the Strobe blog

We’re happy to announce that, as of this week, the Strobe team is joining Facebook!

Strobe was founded on the belief that HTML5 can transform the way average people use their mobile phones through apps that are available everywhere, anytime, on any device. Now we’re joining the talented people at Facebook to help develop innovative mobile experiences for their users around the world.

For now, the Strobe service will continue to be available to existing users in its existing beta form. We will provide updates by email if and when this changes. SproutCore, meanwhile, will continue as an independent project.

Strobe has been a fantastic adventure. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We look forward to working with you again in our future roles.


- The Strobe Team


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