Saturday, 5 November 2011

FindTheBest, Google’s Organizer

While content on the Internet has ballooned into an unorganized, unfiltered, and unsorted sea of 121 billion indexed pages, FindTheBest is swiftly reversing the tide by empowering Internet users with a royal tool: customized organization.

FindTheBest, the brainchild of DoubleClick’s Kevin O’Connor, is an unbiased, data-driven comparison search engine curated by actual people – and it’s a shopper’s dream come true.
With a growing database of over 600 listings to compare smartphones, tablets, laptops and electronics, the search engine collects large data sets from experts and trusted sources then sorts the information based on the filters selected by consumers.
In other words, FindTheBest organizes the Internet.
Whereas a Google search is like sifting through a haystack for a tiny needle, a FindTheBest search brings the needle to you, then compares it to other top rated needles in the same category, so you can decide which one is best for you.
FindTheBest draws its data from a variety of sources for its comparisons - Government and institutional databases, research from a team of analysts, sophisticated algorithms and user-generated data that’s verified before publication, all go into building a comparison.
Don’t flip between multiple webpages to compare specs, or surf the hundreds of billions of pages indexed by Google from a simple search, when you can compare the HTC Sensation and the Apple iPhone 4 side-by-side in detailed, clearly presented columns, or even compare tablet computers on FindTheBest.

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