Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spotify is Available in Australia and New Zealand


Good news for music fans in Australia and New Zealand, Spotify announced that it's streaming services is now available in Australia and New Zealand, offering  access to some 16 million tracks via PC, smartphone and iPad. Each country will also be getting its Spotify apps - Triple J app in Australia and NZ Top 40 app in New Zealand.

Spotify offers three great services, from absolutely free to paid subscriptions:

Spotify Free – the unsurpassed, totally free music service. Enjoy free, on-demand, buffer-free access to more than 16 million songs on your computer. No gimmicks. Just listen and love it, month after month after month. Manage your own music files through Spotify, and sync them with your mobile or iPod. With occasional advertising. All Spotify users enjoy unlimited free, ad-supported music.

Spotify Unlimited – all the special features of our free service but with uninterrupted, ad-free access to Spotify on your computer. All for only $7.49 a month in New Zealand and $6.99 in Australia.

Spotify Premium – the all-singing, all-dancing, top-of-the-range Spotify experience. Premium gives you access to all the music, all the time. Listen online or offline, on your computer, your mobile phone, tablet and a whole heap of other devices. Enjoy enhanced sound quality and access to exclusive content, competitions and special offers. Premium costs just $12.99 a month in New Zealand and $11.99 in Australia.


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