Monday, 7 May 2012

Xbox 360 with Kinect for $99 with 2 year contract

Microsoft Xbox 360 with 2yr contract

Microsoft is now selling Xbox 360 4GB console with Kinect for $99 with 2 year Xbox LIVE Gold contract at $14.99 per month. To get this not-so-good deal you'll need bring in the coupon code to Microsoft retail store and sign up for 2 year contract.

If you hate calculation, then here is what you're spending on this deal $359.76 (S14,99 for 24 months) + $99 = $458.76 as compared to a $300 bundle you can bought outright, plus  $60 per year for Xbox Live Gold. So, you’re spending little more over the course of two year but this is what contract is all about. Now, I have question for you. Do you like this deal from Microsoft or not?

Source:- Microsoft

Via TheVerge


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