Friday, 24 August 2012

Philips Launches a new range of Home Theatre Systems, GoGEAR MP3/MP4 players, Docking Speakers and Headphones


Philips expanded its Lifestyle Entertainment portfolio with the launch of a range of state-of-the-art entertainment solutions – Home Theatre Systems, GoGear MP3/MP4 players, Docking Speakers and Headphones – designed to deliver a superior entertainment experience.

Home Theatre Systems:

The new Philips Home Theatre Systems are designed to disperse powerful sound evenly around the room to bring cinema right into your home. With a customized user interface and better bass and thump to match, this new range promises a truly blockbuster home entertainment experience.

  • Customized on-screen display: Adjusted User Interface naming to fit cultural differences
  • Customized sound settings: More Bass for a better movie and sports experience
  • Customized subwoofers: 23% bigger subwoofer for better thump

HTS2511 and HTS2512: These compact speakers with Dolby Digital surround sound are designed to pump up your home entertainment experience. Their 300W RMS power delivers great sound for your movies and music which can be played from almost any source, be it a DVD, VCD, CD or a USB device. HTS2511 and HTS2512

The HTS2511 and HTS2512 are priced at INR 9890.

HTS3533, HTS3532SL and HTS3532BL: These powerful compact speakers are designed to upgrade your home entertainment experience with exposed speakers drivers offering powerful surround sound and DVD video upscaling to 1080p via HDMI for near-HD images. It also comes with an EasyLink feature to control all HDMI CEC devices via a single remote. HTS3533, HTS3532SL and HTS3532BL

The HTS3533, HTS3532 (SL and BL) are priced at INR 12890 and INR 10890 respectively.

HTS6543 and HTS6553: These classy compact speakers allow you to bring the power of cinema to your home and drive your home entertainment experience even further. Their 3D angled speakers disperse sound evenly around the room for an enhanced sound experience. These can be played using any source - DVD, VCD, CD and USB devices and HDMI for high definition movies – and include an EasyLink feature to control all HDMI CEC devices via a single remote. HTS6543 and HTS6553

The HTS6543 and HTS6553 are priced at INR 20990 and INR 23990 respectively.


Philips GoGEAR MP3/MP4 players come bundled with innovative features to ensure a superior on-the-go entertainment experience:

  • Fullsound: To bring your MP3 music to life
  • SafeSound: For maximum music enjoyment without hearing damage
  • Surround for movies: To put you in the middle of the action
  • Philips Songbird: To discover, play and sync your music
  • LikeMusic: For playlists of songs that sound great together

GoGEAR SoundDot MP3 Player: SoundDot is a small, colourful and fashion-like accessory. It’s a simple device which is comfortable to wear especially for everyday activities like walking, exercising, or even cleaning the house. It comes with a built-in clip for convenient and hands-free use and Fastcharge - a quick 6-minute charge for 60 minutes of play to get you going while on the move. GoGEAR SoundDot MP3 Player

The GoGEAR SoundDot is priced at INR 1599.

GoGEAR SA060 MP4 Player: SA060 offers the superior sound experience and makes you enjoy all the multimedia you can pack in. With SA060, you get the FLAC & APE lossless codec support for precise sound quality, 3.2” HVGA color display for superb video enjoyment, Touch-screen control for smooth and intuitive navigation, Kinetic scrolling for quick and intuitive library browsing, Text reader to view text files and a 4/8GB internal memory to stuff in all that you need to enhance and share your multimedia experience. GoGEAR SA060 MP4 Player

The GoGear SA 060 (4GB) is priced at INR 5999.

Docking Speakers:

Whether you're looking for a sleek wireless speaker packed with features or just a simple way to listen to your iPod or iPhone music out loud, the new range of Philips docking speakers is all you need.

DS9800W: The stylish Philips DS9800W comes equipped with AirPlay which enables you to stream songs directly from iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and also iTunes. Its SoundSphere technology gives you a chance to experience the natural, deeper and wider sound impression. DS9800W

The DS9800W is priced at INR 65990.

AS111 – Android Docking: Now you can gear up to get great sound as this speaker plays and charges your Android powered phone and auto-synchronizes its clock with your device. It comes packaged with Songbird so you can sync music between your phone and PC, and a free app for even more functions. AS111 – Android Docking

The AS111 is priced at INR 5999.

AJ3270D: This docking station helps you enjoy the pleasure of starting your day right - with favorite music from your iPod/iPhone. This compact clock plays and charges the latest iPod/iPhone models, even with protective cases on. If you prefer, you can even wake up to the radio or a buzzer. AJ3270D

The AJ3270D is priced at INR 3999.

AJ7030D: Be prepared to rise and shine to favorite tunes from your iPod/iPhone or FM with the dashing Philips Clock radio that will brighten up your room - and mornings. Its smart dock lets you charge your devices without the need to remove its protective casing and comes with a dual alarm to wake you and your partner at different times.

The AJ7030D is priced at INR 6490.

DS1150: The compact Philips DS1150 docking speaker delivers full and rich sound and automatically synchronizes with your iPhone/ iPod's clock settings. You can also enjoy an adjustable night light and the convenience of charging a second mobile device.

The DS1150 is priced at INR 5999.


Philips O’Neil: The all new range of Philips O’Neil headphones is the toughest set of headphones in the market, designed to suit different consumer neePhilips O’Neilds.

Bend: Philips O’Neil Bend provides powerful sound with Dynamic 30mm drivers delivering deep and dynamic bass. The flexible headband provides enhanced durability. The cable stress relief prevents breakage, and the tough tangle-free Bendcable with reinforced connectors provides enhanced strength.

SHO 4200 is priced at INR 3499 & SHO 4205 with mic is priced at INR 3999.

Stretch: Philips O’Neil Stretch comes powered with 40mm drivers, dynamic bass, universal mic, cable stretch relief to prevent breakage and tough- tangle free cable & reinforced connectors. It also offers deluxe noise isolating super soft ear cushions.

SHO 9560 is priced at INR 4499 and SHO 9565 is priced at INR 4999.

All the products in the new range will be available at all leading retail stores across India starting August, 2012.

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