Monday, 7 February 2011

Best Buy to "Future Proof" Tech Purchases with Buy Back Program at No Cost Through Feb. 12


Best Buy has launched a multi-media campaign to promote its new Buy Back Program and a special week-long offer to "future proof" technology purchases for free. Beginning with tonight's Big Game commercial featuring star appearances from Justin Bieber, and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, the campaign encourages customers to take advantage of a special offer to receive the Buy Back Program at no cost when purchasing gear at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile through Saturday, Feb. 12.

"We have abundant evidence that one of the biggest barriers to buying new tech devices today is fear of obsolescence"

Best Buy officially launched Buy Back in January as a solution for customers who want to keep up with the greatest gadgets but are concerned that their gear will become obsolete. Best Buy customers may purchase the Buy Back Program when buying a new product at Best Buy and redeem it at a later time, for up to 50 percent of the original purchase price paid in the form of a Best Buy gift card, as long as the device is in good working condition and includes all original parts.

Best Buy is waiving its upfront Buy Back Program price from now through Saturday, Feb. 12 on the complete range of consumer electronics covered by the Buy Back Program, including post-paid mobile phones, laptops, netbooks, tablets and televisions. Ordinarily, the cost of the Buy Back Program varies by product category, with protection for any laptop, netbook or tablet, for example, being $69.99.

The multi-media promotional campaign that launched on tonight's Big Game broadcast continues February 7 with full-page ads in national daily newspapers, and throughout the month with additional TV commercials, Best Buy cover insert ads and a robust website featuring details about the Buy Back Program, complete with instructional video and longer-form TV spots at

The campaign reinforces how Buy Back delivers a level of assurance, transparency and convenience that distinguishes it from other options like trade-in programs or reseller markets. With Buy Back, Best Buy customers don't have to wait for payment, and can immediately apply the value of their Buy Back product redemption to the purchase of new products at any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store.

Better yet, consumers know what they'll be paid up front, with a schedule that is available at the time of Buy Back Program purchase and is based on duration of product ownership. Best Buy will buy back qualified products anytime within two years for laptops, netbooks, tablets and post-paid mobile phones, and four years for televisions. Customers may receive up to 50 percent of the product's original purchase price paid in the form of a Best Buy gift card if redeemed within six months of the effective date.2 The gift card may be used to purchase new products of their choice. The percentage back is based on the purchase effective date.

Electronics redeemed through the Buy Back Program are evaluated by Best Buy's built-in team of Geek Squad Agents, and distributed among Best Buy's aftermarket, trade-in and recycling programs.

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