Thursday, 3 February 2011

eyeSight Mobile Technologies, a developer of Touch Free Interfaces for consumer electronics, launched a software-based gesture recognition technology for portable computer devices.

The technology allows users to control applications, programs and tools on devices such as Android tablets and Windows-based notebooks and netbooks by using simple hand gestures. Moreover, eyeSight's solution for Windows enables seamless integration to windows applications.

Last year, eyeSight introduced the Natural User Interface for Android mobile devices, and is now releasing its hand gesture interface solution for computer- based Android and Windows platforms.

eyeSight's Hand Gesture Recognition Technology utilizes the existing standard built in 2D camera, and does not require any hardware changes or an expensive 3D camera.

The company's groundbreaking Touch Free user interface uses advanced
real-time image processing and machine vision algorithms. By using eyeSight's user interface, manufacturers of portable devices with different types of operating systems (OS), such as Microsoft Windows 7 and Android, can offer their customers an entirely new user experience. Users can remotely control applications on a wide variety of devices, including tablets, notebooks, netbooks, all-in-one PCs, portable computers, mobile phones, and more.

The Touch Free technology is a pure software solution, highly optimized for mobile platforms, offering low CPU and memory requirements. It is independent of the underlying processor and camera hardware, and produces high quality gesture recognitions using standard VGA cameras which are built into the devices.



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