Friday, 4 March 2011

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Public Beta Available for Download


On Thursday, Adobe announced the availability of Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 software for public beta, enabling ColdFusion developers worldwide to test the new features and functionality that will be made available in the final release of ColdFusion Builder 2.

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 code-named Storm is an IDE that helps you develop ColdFusion applications. The first version of ColdFusion Builder had many useful features such as syntax highlighting, Syntax Checking, Code Assist, code outline, code folding, project management, RDS and FTP support, debugger, server manager, and extensions. In ColdFusion Builder 2, we have enhanced many of these features and added many new features.

  • Smart tab assist – Quickly navigate to the next logical tag, function, or control statement within your code using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Quick fix – Speed up development by accessing methods within a CFC that have not yet been created, and request that ColdFusion Builder automatically generate the method outline.
  • Integrated task management – Set “to do” and “fix me” points within the code to quickly identify sections and resume development where developers left off.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts – Create customized keyboard shortcuts, modify existing shortcuts, and import/export keyboard bindings to access frequent actions in the IDE.
  • Intelligent Code Assist – Accelerate application development with intelligent, ordered code assist for CFML, CFScript, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Refactoring – Speed up CFML application development by automatically restructuring code when renaming a CFC, function, or variable.

Beta Serial Number: 1422-4005-6864-4435-3641-1409

Download Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta


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