Saturday, 5 March 2011

BlackBerry Protect now in Open Beta

BlackBerry Protect

Research in Motion (RIM) today announced the availability of BlackBerry Protect- Open Beta. This beta is currently available in North America and some of Latin America only, although there will be further country rollout to come in the next couple of months.

BlackBerry Protect helps you find your smartphone and protect your important information by:

  • Assisting in locating your BlackBerry smartphone on a map via GPS and cell-tower triangulation
  • Locking and setting a device password
  • Activating a special loud ring to help find your smartphone, even if it’s in silent mode
  • Displaying a custom message on the home screen so that anyone who finds it knows how to return it
  • Forcing an instant wireless backup of data even when you don’t have the smartphone with you
  • And as a last resort, securely wiping all information from your BlackBerry smartphone, including the data from your SD card.
blackberry-protect lost device

Additionally, the new wireless backup and restore features include:

  • Automatically, periodically and wirelessly backing up your contacts, calendar appointments, memos, tasks, browser bookmarks, and text messages
  • Optionally restricting backup to when within Wi-Fi coverage or disable backup when roaming
  • Wirelessly restoring backed up data to a new BlackBerry smartphone

To get in on the BlackBerry Protect beta test, you'll need to be a resident of North America or Latin America, have a device running OS 4.6 or better, and be a registered Beta Zone member -- so head over and sign up!

Source: RIM



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