Friday, 18 March 2011

Ericsson makes Industry's First HD voice call on CDMA

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Ericsson has successfully completed a CDMA wideband High Definition (HD) voice call using the Enhanced Variable Rate Codec Narrowband-Wideband (EVRC-NW) codec, demonstrating a technical first for the CDMA industry. CDMA HD voice delivers speech in a wider spectral range of 50Hz to 7000Hz, which increases voice quality, intelligibility and decreases listening fatigue, even in environments with high background noise.

Ericsson leads the industry in introducing new technologies with superior voice quality. Ericsson consumer research shows that voice quality provides a key differentiator between operator networks by improving subscriber retention and increasing mobile usage.

The Ericsson CDMA development team in collaboration with Qualcomm Incorporated has reached this important milestone by successfully completing HD voice calls in a lab environment on a CDMA voice network.

Ericsson is continuously enhancing its CDMA product portfolio to bring superior voice capabilities to market for the benefit of CDMA subscribers and operators.



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