Saturday, 9 April 2011

Motorola Launches SocialTV Companion Service for Tablets and Mobile Devices

Motorola SocialTV Companion Service

Motorola Mobility announced the launch of its SocialTV Companion Service. The SocialTV Companion Service is an application within Motorola’s Medios suite of software solutions that capitalizes on multi-screen trends by bringing a new level of interactivity to TV viewing.

SocialTV lets subscribers engage with their social networks and express how they feel, in real time, about the TV content they are watching. TV viewing is augmented through interactive games, applications, live chat and social networking feeds presented on a companion screen, such as a smartphone or tablet. Providing a personalized and interactive experience deepens a subscriber’s connection with the programming, translating to more loyalty and satisfaction.

The SocialTV Companion Service application is device-agnostic and compatible with any Internet-connected tablet, smartphone or computer with HTML5 browser support.

Features of SocialTV Companion Service:

  • Real-time chat and episode ratings via online community discussing the show, including live feeds to the companion device from leading social networking platforms
  • Interactive games and applications blending community and entertainment, including Mood-o-Meter, a feature enabling the community of viewers to express themselves and how they feel about what they are watching on TV, real-time during the show
  • Integrated social loyalty platform rewarding consumers for checking in to shows and participating in live discussions or games, with redemptions for virtual gifts or discounts on merchandise
  • Promotion of recommended products and merchandise related to the show being watched that consumers can click thru and purchase using their companion device, driving purchase transactions and provider revenues
  • Displays list of online video clips and footage related to the shows that consumers are watching, viewable on a companion device without leaving the provider-branded portal experience
  • Private-labeled portals with multi-language support offers options for branding and customization of the user experience, including support for video content metadata
  • Supports option for advertising within the application, with links to sponsor websites or product coupon awards that can drive additional revenue
  • Enterprise-class analytics and reporting provide data on consumer utilization of the service, enabling rapid feedback on effectiveness in order to drive adjustments to applications, promotions, loyalty programs or other options

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