Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dropdo-Free Online smart file viewer


Dropdo is a free (currently) online smart file viewing/sharing service which allows you to share files up to 25 MB in size by sending the dropdo link to your friends or  anyone else you want share it with and all the media files, doc, PDF can be viewed or played directly in the browser. No need to download.

Currently you can store your file for lifespan but there is a problem that you can’t delete it by your own, you need send mail to dropdo. This problem will be solved once they include user account.


  • Work as a universal file viewer.
  • Files which can be viewed online are:
    • Documents (Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, RTF, CSV, etc.)
    • PDF
    • Images (including formats like EPS, SVG, PSD, Illustrator, etc. and of the basics)
    • Few video formats
    • Few audio formats (including MP3)
    • Plaintext
    • Markdown
  • Lifetime availability of file


  • You can’t delete your file by yourself
  • supports only 25MB file- sometimes it’s better you mail it.
  • No multiple file uploader


Dropdo looks very promising free online file viewer service but needs to add more features (supports others video and audio formats) and more control for the users.

Visit Dropdo

Dropdo Chorme Extension | Firefox Addon


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