Monday, 30 May 2011

Firefox 6 Now Available for Download on Aurora Channel

Firefox Aurora

The next version of Firefox—Firefox 6 or Firefox Aurora now available for download and testing. The new features in Firefox Aurora give users and Web developers more control over their browsing and development environments while improving overall performance.

Firefox Aurora/Firefox 6 Features:-

Data Management Window:-this feature provides control over the the access that specific websites have to your browsing data, including cookies, passwords and location information. To start testing this feature type “about:permissions” in the URL Bar.


Add-ons Manager with Plugin Check quickly verifies the compatibility of installed plugins directly from the Add-Ons Manager.

Web Developers love to check out the Scratchpad which lets you quickly build and test JavaScript snippets in the browser and Web Console adds the ability to move the console to other parts of the window or break out into a separate window.

Web Developer

Firefox Aurora has additional support for HTML5, DOM level 3, server-sent events, networking technologies and other tools that make it easier for developers build advanced Web apps.

Download Firefox Aurora/ Firefox 6




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