Thursday, 26 May 2011

KINGMAX unveils world’s first 64GB microSD card


KINGMAX unveils the world's first 64GB microSDXC card and has implemented the 9 Stacked Die technology for this Class 6 micro SD card. It complies with the latest SD3.0 and Class 6 specifications but is also compatible with SD Card Association's SD2.0 specification.

Product Features:

  • High compatibility & reliability
  • Ultra fast transfer rate
  • plug and play

Product specifications:

  • SD3.0
  • Capacity:64GB
  • Speed:Class6
  • Dimension:15 mm x11 mm x1.0mm
  • Wear leveling algorithm to maximize product lifetime
  • Built-in Error Correction Code that auto corrects data
  • Energy efficient, extends mobile devices' battery lifetime



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