Friday, 13 May 2011

Three UK is Google ChromeBooks 3G connectivity partner (updated)

ChromeBooks 3G UK data plan

As Google outed Samsung's Series 5 and Acer's Chromebook, we all know Internet giant's netbooks need 3G coverage and for that Three has been selected as the 3G connectivity partner for the Chromebook launch in the UK. According to Google’s Chrome UK site Chromebook users will receive a free SIM card that includes 3GB of free data that can be used in the first 3 months after activation. You can also get daily and monthly plans on a Pay As You Go basis that don't require any long-term contracts- 500MB day pass for £2.99 per day to 7GB  one month pass for £25 .

Updated:- Verizon Wireless is ChromeBooks 3G connectivity partner in US- data plan available.

ChromeBooks 3G US data plan

Source:- Chrome UK 



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