Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nintendo bringing "Red Flare" 3DS and new Wii package

Nintendo Red Flare 3DS

Nintendo today announced that from July 14 "Nintendo 3DS"  new body colors, "red flare" will be on sale. Existing color of Nintendo 3DS are "aqua" and "Cosmo Black".

Stationary game machine for home use "Wii" , from June 23 this year, the body set dedicated controller "Wii Remote plus" a single, specialized software and the Wii [Sports Resort]  will be sold bundled with add. In addition, manufacturer's suggested retail price of 20,000 yen (tax included) will not change.

The addition of this time, Wii has two main sets "Wii Remote +", so that now comes bundled with an additional "Wii Remote Plus" without your purchase, your family and friends Togo [with] you can enjoy Wii Sports Resort.

On June 16 [3D] Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Following the launch of the Company on July 14 [3D] Star Fox 64, this year is [Mirror] Shin Akira Parutena myth, [SUPER The latest series] Mario, Mario Kart] and are expected to launch latest series, the work is expected to be released from a number of software makers also fully equipped with special software we will from now until the end of So by increasing the body colors, Nintendo 3DS body aims to spread in earnest.


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