Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Toshiba unveils 2.5-inch MQ01ABD HDD Series

Toshiba HDD MQ01ABD100

Toshiba today announced its first 2.5-inch hard disk drives (HDDs) featuring capacity up to 1TBusing 500GB/platter technology in the industry-standard 9.5mm high form factor. With an industry-leading areal density of 744Gb/in2, Toshiba has increased the quantity of data stored per square inch by over 37 percent compared to prior 2.5-inch models, enabling a significant boost in data transfer speed. Available in capacities ranging from 1TB to 250GB, the MQ01ABD series provides the capacity, performance, and power efficiency necessary for even the most data-intensive and energy-sensitive mainstream storage applications.

The MQ01ABD drives are ideal for high-end notebook and desktop PCs, mobile workstations, gaming consoles, DVR set-top boxes, external storage solutions, and other applications requiring high-capacity and cost-effective storage.

Toshiba MQ01ABD HDD Series Specs

Mass production of the MQ01ABD series will start in the middle of August.


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