Friday, 28 October 2011

Lenovo Debuts ThinkCentre M77 Desktop

Lenovo ThinkCentre M77 Desktop

Today, Lenovo announced the ThinkCentre M77 desktop, built for business professionals who want a powerful, secure, energy efficient yet easy to use computer to tackle everyday office tasks.

Available in either tower or small form factor, the ThinkCentre M77 desktop can be configured to meet the specific needs of end-users. As one of Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 2.0 desktops, the ThinkCentre M77 desktop boots up in less than 30 seconds. Additionally, to keep multi-taskers happy, the desktop comes equipped with SATA III, which enables hard drive data transfer at up to twice the speed of SATA II.

The desktop’s optional AMD Radeon discrete graphics bring visuals to life, and via AMD Evefinity technology, the ThinkCentre M77 desktop can support up to four displays, including its primary monitor. Additionally, it includes DisplayPort for exporting high definition video content to view on another device, while retaining VGA output for standard video. The desktop also comes fully loaded with features like:

  • Up to 16 GB high speed DDR3 memory
  • Up to 1 TB hard drive storage
  • Up to 8 USB ports and a DVD player

To allay concerns about data loss, the desktop comes standard with DASH 1.1 manageability, which allows IT administrators to remotely manage the desktop. For example, they can control power settings, conduct inventory and update the desktop. The ThinkCentre M77 desktop also features USB port disablement and well as TPM 1.2 encryption.

The ThinkCentre M77 desktop is available beginning at the end of October and has a starting price of $439.



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