Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Giveaway- Get UseNeXT Premium Account Free


Last time, we gave away Binverse Usenet premium account, and this time we’re giving away 5 UseNeXT "premium-prepaid" accounts worth around €90 or $120 (thanks to Michael of UseNeXT) which you normally can’t buy on their site and these accounts only expire if no download volume left. Sounds great!! isn’t it? But before we jumped on UseNeXT giveaway, here are few things you need to know about UseNeXT.

UseNeXT is the largest European Usenet Provider, which gives you unlimited access to the fantastic world of Usenet where you fully exploit your internet connection and download files at maximum speed and this high download speed is secured via eight server farms operated in the US and Europe.

Files remain on the servers for 976 days, whereas the retention time for messages is 1,000 days. As far as security point of view they use 256-bit SSL encryption.

To get started with UseNeXT, you need their Newsreader "Tangysoft", enter your credentials and you’re ready to "rock n roll".

If you first look at interface – its decent and easy to use, gives you one click access to newsgroups, FreeZone (where you can find free Usenet content provided by the UseNeXT and you can access this content for FREE, no traffic volume will be charged), Search, transfer list (files you’re downloading), wizard, files, chat and setting. At the bottom, you’ll find information about your download speed, data size, time left, and account storage. You can even choose server from Atimto Usenet Index,, NBZmatrix and ngindex. usenext_servers_setting

If you’re looking for any file just search-> select your file and start downloading at full speed without waiting. The only problem I’ve have faced while trying this software is that transfer list is showing files of size 1.8GB and on download size (at bottom) 4GB. And the answer I got from UseNeXT support is usenext download

There could be two reasons for this problem:

1. Every download has so called PAR2 Files attached to repair the file if there was a problem with the download. These files are normally not bigger than a few MB. And sometimes there are some “Preview Files” attached where you could see the first minutes of a movie or something.

2. The second explanation could be what I told you before. You maybe have any other files in the “Transfer List” and those files are added to the “To-Download-Status”.

Next time when I opened the UseNeXT, I was able to see my remaining download list. This problem occur only once to me and it doesn’t mean that you also face the same problem or other and just in case you have, you can contact their support staff.

If you’re interested you can try their service as they provide 14 days trial and 300GB download (but make sure you cancel your account within 14 days otherwise you’ll be charged.) But, if you win here you don’t have to put in your details and don’t have to pay anything. So are you ready?

UseNeXT Premium Account Giveaway

We’re giving away one 180GB UseNeXT Accountone 120GB Account, three 50GB UseNeXT premium-prepaid account.

It means total 5 accounts.

One 180GB UseNeXT Account will be given to our ONE lucky newsletter subscriber, no need to like, comment or anything but you have to be our verified/active newsletter subscriber. If you’re not you can subscribe our newsletter.

And for remaining 4 UseNeXT premium-prepaid account, you have to

1. Visit AKSGEEK Facebook Page and become a fan by clicking "Like Button".

2. Leave a comment below that you want to participate in the contest below using the same Facebook name and enter a valid email address. Make sure you don’t post your email address in the comment section to avoid spam.

Share this post on facebook/twitter or any other social networking site for that you’ll get 1 point. Just post a comment with a shared post link every time you share. More you share, more points you get and one with maximum point will get 120GB account. In case of a tie winner will be selected using

Other three 50GB UseNeXT premium-prepaid account will be given to those who follows 1 and 2 step. You can increase your chances by sharing this post.

Winners will be announced on July 1st 2012. Did I mention that UseNeXT Newsreader "Tangysoft" supports Windows, Mac, Linux (Suse, Ubuntu. Debian).

Good Luck!

Note:- Winners of Wondershare Platinum Video Converter Giveaway already selected and email ids sent to Wondershare (on June 11th) but we haven’t receive license key till now. We’ll announce and send the keys to the winners as soon as we received the license key.

# Giveaway Closed

#1. Winner of 180GB UseNeXT Account is

#2. Winner of 120GB UseNeXT account is Nenadstoshic

#3.  Winner of 50GB UseNeXT account is Or Yglesi

Congratulations to all the winners, you will receive your UseNeXT account information shortly via email.


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