Saturday 16 June 2012

Reset Windows Password with Password Resetter 2.0

Password Resetter 2.0 Personal Edition
Last night you’ve changed your password and next day you didn't remember what's your new Windows Password or for any reason you forgot your Windows password.. now what will you do next? Try remembering your new password or finding way to crack it.. now Relax! Just reset your password with Password Resetter, and you’re ready to go again.

Password Resetter 2.0 Personal edition is simple and easy to use Windows Password Recovery software available in English, Spanish and German language option,  resets (remove) your old password in 3 simple steps download, burn and reset.
Its easy to work with this software and for that you don’t need any instruction guide, just in case you’re the one who read instructions first before proceeding, well written help file (with screenshots) is also included and can be accessed by clicking help center.
Working with Password Resetter 2.0 Personal Edition
  • Download and install Password Resetter.
  • Create a bootable CD/DVD or USB using Password Resetter (hardly take few seconds). Password Resetter burn USB
  • Boot from CD/DVD or USB. On start up, you will be asked to "select language" from English (default), Spanish and German.
  • After the language selection you’ll be presented with all account information. Windows system partition should be automatically selected for you, just in case you have more than one Windows installed, just select the Windows Partition (where your Windows XP/Vista/7/8/NT is installed, whose password you want to reset) from drop-down menu. The list of users will be shown to you (including whether user password is blank or not)
  • And finally select your username whose password you want to reset and click reset button. Confirm it and when finished, press the Reboot button in order to restart your computer.
Now, you will be able to access your computer without entering any password.
Password Resetter tool works on all Windows platforms including Windows 7(tested) XP, Vista, NT, 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008 and also on Windows 8 Consumer Preview (tested ). It easily remove every password in a matter of seconds whether it would be administrator or normal user password.
What’s really heart-breaking is that it’s NOT a freeware and will cost you $34.99 for Personal Edition and $84.99 for Corporate Edition. Now you can ask me why I’m sharing this, if its not a freeware? Because, we’re giving away 3 licenses of Password Resetter 2.0 Personal Edition to our readers. (Thanks to Stefan Andonov). More details about this giveaway will be announced in future. So stay tuned!
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