Friday, 20 July 2012

Music Unlimited Service Android Mobile and Tablet Apps Updated

Music Unlimited Android tablet

Sony released new updates for its Music Unlimited Service Android smartphones and tablets apps. Music Unlimited Android Tablet app v1.4 delivers Offline Playback, giving users the ability to enjoy music even when a 3G or Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, or when they want to conserve battery life or curb data usage.

Music Unlimited Android Mobile app v1.4 update let users to access the "My Channels" feature which gives them the ability to create and control customized radio stations built around a favorite artist. New update also includes 30 second "preview mode" available without any account and adds move APK to SD card on supported devices.

Both the Music Unlimited app for tablets and smartphones are free to download from Google Play store though some features require a monthly subscription in order to access them.

Source:- Sony Entertainment Network


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