Monday, 7 February 2011

Create and Customize CSS for sites with Stylebot


Web developers are probably familiar with firebug that make trouble shooting CSS styles a lot easier since the changes show up in realtime. But what for those who don’t know CSS and want to customize and create their own styles--for them Stylebot Chrome Extension is here.

Once installed you’ll see a “CSS” icon in the address bar, and a sidebar will appear when you click on it. You can select element from the page and start customize their font, color, background and so on. You can also hide and remove the element from the page. There is also an advanced mode if you want to write your own CSS code rather than using the actual interface.

The most important and nice part of this chrome extension is that all your customization are saved and reapplied every time you visit the site. Now isn’t that cool. ;)

Main features:

  • Easy to use: No need to write CSS
  • Simple & Quick: Changes are saved instantly
  • Styles are saved persistently, so the next time you visit the same page, they're already applied
  • Sync your custom styles across multiple computers

Download Stylebot Chrome Extension



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