June 3, 2011

Protect your Android Device Privacy with LBE Privacy Guard

LBE Privacy Guard for Android

LBE Privacy Guard is a free app for Android that works just like Windows UAC, it intercept vital actions (like send SMS, call phones) and requests to access sensitive data (SMS conversation, contacts, phone location, IMEI, IMSI, etc) from apps, then prompt for your confirmation. Unless explicit permit, such actions and request will be rejected.

LBE Privacy Guard -02

LBE Privacy Guard also has a low-level firewall, supports per-app control like droidwall, but not require netfilter/iptables so it works on pre-froyo devices and faster than droidwall because it doesn't filter packets.

This app also provide permission control and real-time track for installed apps. So you can figure out which app is stealing your privacy and block it before your privacy stolen.


  • Rooted Device
  • Works on Android 2.0 and above.

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