Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sony accepting Applications for PlayStation Developer Program Closed Beta

PlayStation Vita

Sony today announced that it will start accepting limited applications from content developers in Japan, United States and the United Kingdom for Developer Program for PlayStationSuite (PS Suite) (Closed Beta Test). Introduced in September, Developer Program for PS Suite (Closed Beta Test) will be launched in late November, as a part of PS Suite initiative to deliver the world of PlayStation to open operating system based portable devices.

Developer Program for PS Suite (Closed Beta Test) provides content developers in advance with an early version of PlayStation Suite SDK, a set of development tools and software libraries for PS Suite. The intention of the closed beta test is to improve the SDK quality with feedbacks from those participants.The SDK uses the C# programming language and doesn't require devs to have access to actual Sony hardware.

Content developed for PS Suite through the official version of Developer Program for PS Suite can be enjoyed on PlayStation Certified devices, as well as on PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). Delivering a variety of content including games for these devices, Sony Computer Entertainment inc. (SCE) will enhance PlayStation Store for PS Suite in the next spring and will further expand the world of PS Suite.

Source:- Sony Developer Program


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