Sunday, 10 June 2012

Free Android Apps that Will Increase Your Productivity

This is a guest post written by Sharon and modified by Akshat.
Free productivity Apps
Android apps are available in plenty in the Android market to help its users in almost all fields, right from personal tasks to professional jobs. Nobody can deny the fact that these apps are already helping millions of people in organizing their office work as well as personal. Because of these apps, the Android smartphones have become like those multi-purpose Swiss-army knives to help in increasing productivity and accuracy in anything performed on a daily basis – maintaining documents, taking notes, or managing daily time-tables. So, are you eager to know about some free apps that can help in increasing your productivity? Here are those top free 10 Android apps for you!

1. Evernote
Certainly, this freebie is the most famous universal note taking app for Web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Whether it is taking text notes or making image notes through the camera, all information is stored in the cloud that facilitates anytime and anywhere access for editing and deleting the notes taken.
2. Taskos to do List
Although simple, this one is a robust to-do list manager offering a variety of features, including syncing with Google Tasks. With this app, you can add tasks either by using the built-in keyboard or via the voice recognition feature. Interestingly, it can auto-complete the names present in your contact list, and give them a call without having to get directed towards phone book. This is a great time saver for all those who frequently keep calling.
This free app aims at collecting, managing, assigning, and completing tasks on a daily basis. You can create tasks and assign them to contexts and projects and set alarms for pending tasks. The status of each task is shown on the easy-to-read interface.
4. Google Goggles
google goggles
With high time saving potential, this beta app has already become the companion of many people. You can now search for things and information via a picture instead of typing text with this app. So, just take a picture of a location and you can get relevant information on it at any time.
5. Dropbox
This famous online file sharing, sync, and backup tool is now being praised on Android for saving photos, docs, and videos directly to your remote My Dropbox folder. This means that you do not lose these files even if you misplace or lose the Android phone.
6. Expensify
This free app is for those who want to generate fast expense reports. Enter cash transactions and take images of the receipts via camera to generate the monthly report.
7. Super Spy Camera +
Super Spy Camera
This genuine spy camera allows taking pictures in a secret mode. For example, you can take pictures of your suspected employee to know what she or he is doing in office hours so that you can catch hold of her or him and help increase your office productivity. 
8. TimeCatcher
If you are managing time-bound projects, this is the best app to have to prevent a big headache of delay later! With this app, you can precisely identify the time spent on various activities by building a timesheet.
9. CamScanner
Why waste time in waiting in line for scanning? Just turn your phone into a scanner with this app to scan any document and upload it to cloud systems such as Google Docs and Dropbox.
10. Executive Assistant +
executive assistant +
This app offers a comprehensive interface to review your schedule, tasks, e-mails, Facebook and Twitter updates, call status, and more, quite quickly. So, everything is made available at your fingertips via this app!
With these free Android apps, you can surely improve your productivity without any investment of money!
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