Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Google 'Spring Cleaning' Continues retiring iGoogle, Google Mini, others

google mini

Google today announced 'Spring Cleaning in Summer' discontinuing more services, including iGoogle, Google Mini, Google Talk ChatBack, Google Video and Symbian App search.

Google Mini is an enterprise search appliance that is being retired (starting July 31st) because its functionality can be better provided by products like Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search and Google Commerce Search.Google says that it will continue to support Google Mini owners for the duration of their contracts.

Google Talk Chatback allowed websites to embed a Google Talk widget so that they could engage with their visitors - now OUTDATED, so Google turning off Chatback and encouraging websites to use the Meebo bar.

Later this summer Google be moving the remaining hosted Google Video (which already stopped taking uploads a while back) content to YouTube giving users August 20th deadline to migrate, delete or download their content.

On November 1, 2013, iGoogle will be retired, giving users 16 months to adjust or export their data.

Finally, Google retiring Symbian Search App to focus their efforts on mobile web search experience and encouraging users to bookmark their homepage.

Source:- Google Blog


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