Saturday, 2 July 2011

Crisis Aversion Tool (CAT) Fixes Common Windows Problem


As name suggest, your friend/tool in crisis—actually, in Windows Crisis. This little portable tool Crisis Aversion Tool (CAT in short), allow users to fix common windows problems/errors like windows update, windows installer error, IE problem, printer install error, USB not displaying and many more!

CAT also provides more function which you can’t expect from little tool as it will help you take ownership of any files/folder, you can scan your file on Virus total, contain tool links. But what I’m missing in this tool is restore feature, actually it has a backup feature-- it restore the previous backup but it doesn’t provide the facility of creating one.


Currently this tool is in beta, which means lots of features and improvement needs to be added. If you ask me, whether I use this beta tool or not? All I can say is--this is a tool, all you need to fix your common windows error/problem. It is simple, easy to use, portable and more importantly its FREE!

Do you like this tool? Have something to say about CAT? or do you know any other tool with same and better functionality/features? Share with us.

Download Crisis Aversion Tool (CAT) (Windows XP, Vista and 7)


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