Tuesday 19 July 2011

Export and Save your data from Google, twitter with Cloud Export

cloud export-options

Recently, Google team Data Liberation front launched Google Takeout web service which allows user to backup/export their data from the services offered by Google. Currently, it supports Buzz, Contacts and Circles, Picasa Web Albums, Profile and Stream but if you can’t wait for Google to bring out more services to download data from Gmail, calendar, docs etc here is a free app called Cloud Export which is in beta, allows you to automatically extract your data from web applications and save it to your local file system for backup purposes.

Cloud Export is not limited to Google service, it also provides backup options for Twitter (RSS), Identi.ca/StatusNet (RSS), RSS, IMAP, Jabber/XMPP Rosters and Financial Institutions (OFX) and supported Google Services are Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Finance, Picasa, Blogger, Health, Talk, Docs and RSS.

cloud export-add account 1 cloud export-add account 2 cloud export-add account 3

Using Cloud Export is very easy. Click on Add New Account and enter your account name, select account type you want to backup then enter your account credentials. You can add number of account you want to backup and click on run backup.

cloud export-add account 4

You can add custom location for backup from option tab, default location to save data is. C:\Users\Username\exported.

cloud export backup data

If you have added so many accounts for backup you can click on Backup all accounts to start downloading your data at once from all accounts.

cloud export-add account 5-

This app is in beta, so you may experience bugs in this app. the problems that I noticed and the features I missed in this apps are:-

  • don’t save data on custom location.
  • don’t have pause/resume feature
  • problem opening this app after running twice.
  • If you enter account name and don’t enter your credential in selected service it show the name but doesn’t provide/show up any option on main window, and worst is--you can’t even remove it.
cloud export error

But if your motto is to backup your data from Google, twitter, identica.. you can go ahead with this app with default settings, it does the job. But if you’re not sure of using this app—better wait for Google to add more backup services to Google Takeout.

Download Cloud Export (Windows XP, Vista and 7)


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