Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6 Beta released

Emsisoft Ant-Malware 6 Beta

Emsisoft released the beta version of Anti-Malware 6 which has entirely new multithreaded scanning engine . According to company – during on-demand scans it is 450% (on average) faster than Anti-Malware 5.1.

What is new in Anti-Malware 6 ?


  • Redesigned the dual scan engine framework for optimization of multi core systems.
  • 450% speed improvement on average - with the same things being scanned.
  • Advanced caching for self optimizing scans - it gets faster with every scan.
  • New direct disk access scan mode to improve rootkit detection.
  • Changed the scan setting defaults: Rootkit scan (new) active, Cookie scan inactive..
  • Improved handling of potential false positives.
  • Desired scan actions can now be set before the scan.
  • Detection names engine postfixes changed to !E1 and !E2.
  • Changed the animation seen during active scans.
  • Simplified the user interface.
  • Added a load scan engine animation to security setup wizard.
  • Added an option to run missed scheduled scans on next program startup.

Realtime protection:

  • Optimized program loading to greatly reduce boot time.
  • Added advanced caching to significantly improve the performance of File Guard.
  • Added an internal rating system to reduce false positives in 'real world' use.
  • Added an option to reset the File Guard file extensions list to its original values.
  • Simplified the method for viewing internal and custom host blocker rules.
  • Re-organized the guard tray icon menu to provide quick access to common features.
  • Licensing:
    Changed licensing to a key-based system which replaces user accounts.
  • Changed licensing to provide a unique licence key for each computer.
  • Simplified the online licensing and relicensing dialogs.
  • Improved the notification that a license is about to expire.
  • Added a renewal rewards program - 5% cumulative reduction each renewal.
  • Added a referral rewards program to earn full version credits by referring new users.
  • Earn a 1 month credit for referring each new 1 month trial user. (no purchase).
  • Earn a 6 month credit for referring each new customer (for first purchase only, any plan).


  • Simplified the setup process significantly.
  • Changed storage of settings to use 'ini' files rather than the Registry.
  • Added the ability to export and import settings by category.
  • Added security prompts when permanently deleting files, rules or logs.
  • Added improvements for more stability of online updates.
  • Added improvements to avoid potential crashes and hangs.
  • Added newsletter subscription link in news area.
  • Removed the trojan horse illustration.

Known issues:

  • The direct disk access scan feature is not available for striped RAIDs due to non-standard, 'vendor specific' systems.


  • If you have Emsisoft Anti-Malware already installed simply enable "Use Beta updates" under "Configuration"/"Update", perform an online update and follow the instructions.
  • If you don't have Emsisoft Anti-Malware already installed, you can simply download and install it from here.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6.0 now asks for a license key instead of a user account. You can find this license key in the Emsisoft Customer Center (choose "Manage Licenses" on the left).

Download Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6 Beta (118 MB)


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