Thursday, 15 September 2011

Piictu is out of Beta, now available for Download


After two months of beta testing, Piictu is out for public. Currently it is available via the Apple App Store for FREE and will be soon available for Android.

Piictu is a new kind of visual network where every interaction happens though the exchange of a piic. As an app, piictu is a powerful and simple way to engage and connect with people, friends and places all around the world through direct "picture conversations".

Key Features:

  • Best photo UI in the market (we’ll pay you a beer if you prove us wrong)
  • Share instantly on Facebook and Twitter
  • Initiate and reply to picture streams with friends and strangers
  • Share and play with anybody on your contact list (even if they don’t have the app)
  • Front and back camera support
  • Unlimited uploads and storage

Download Piictu


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