Thursday, 26 January 2012

Open webOS 1.0 to arrive September 2012, Free Enyo Developer tool and source code now available for Download


Last month, HP announced that webOS would be made available under an open source license, with continued support from HP, now they are taking one step further and announced Enyo framework, a free developer tool that enables developers to write a single application that works across mobile devices and desktop web browsers, from the webOS, iOS and Android platforms to the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers – and more. Both Enyo 2.0 and it’s source code is now available for download.

webOS roadmap

Over the first half of the year, HP will make individual elements of webOS source code available – from core applications like Mail and Calendar to its Linux kernel – until the full code base is contributed to the open source community by September.

Enyo 2.0 and Enyo source code
Apache License, Version 2.0

Intended project governance model
QT WebKit extensions
JavaScript core
UI Enyo widgets

Linux standard kernel
Graphics extensions EGL
USB extensions

Ares 2.0
Enyo 2.1
Node services

System manager ("Luna")
System manager bus
Core applications
Enyo 2.2

Build release model
Open webOS Beta

Open webOS 1.0

Download Enyo 2.0

Source:- HP, Enyo


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