Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bvckup-create exact copy of folders and synchronize them


Bvckup is a small application currently in its beta that works with Windows OS.  This app has a nice interface and number functionality features which set it apart from applications that perform the same auto-syncing task.


This program makes copies of specified directories and then continuously keeps these copies in sync with the originals.

The best way to get acquainted with the program to create backup by selecting New Backup from the File menu.

BVCKUP create

Its exceptionally streamlined user interface designed around the simplicity of the day to day use. It provides clear status indication, concise error reporting and one-click access to detailed status information.

BVCKUP monitoring BVCKUP monitoring disabled

Program supports real-time, periodic or manual backups, complete or delta file copying, precise file replication (attributes, timestamps, NTFS security and ownership information). Additionally, it can operate in a NAS-friendly mode that eliminates unneccessary spin-ups of idle harddisks.


Its Free during beta period only.

Bvckup pricing

Download Bvckup (beta)



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